The Hospitality of Blissful Silence

  • What is the purpose of your trip?
    Within the hectic pace of your daily life,
    we provide a place where pinned and strained nerves can loosen and
    be relaxed.
  • At Kosenkaku,
    we hope to continue to provide guests with access to such a space.
  • Amidst the otherworldly scenery you will encounter,
    you will find our high quality hot spring,
    and our famed cuisine.
  • and our famed cuisine.
    We are prepared to receive you and those who are important to you as
  • guests to our inn.
    We promise you a calm and peaceful holiday stay.

We strive to be first class in all that we do.

  • Extravagantly, we replace the water in our “100% fresh hot spring water Kinsen hot springs” twice a day.
    Surrounded by forests, the Hakkakudo bath provides guests with an expansive view of the abundant nature that spreads out before their eyes.
    In the Iwaburo bath, guests can enjoy both the fresh hot spring water of the “Kinsen” hot springs and its healing effects in combination with the rustic beauty of the rural surroundings.
    In the region of Hida, the Sowaryu Honzen-style of cuisine continues to be passed down across generations, and guests can savor this cuisine at the Keigetsu restaurant.
    Guests who stay at “the Lodge” can enjoy a resort-style holiday villa experience, while also enjoying the hot springs on site. Guests can also enjoy seasonal French courses that feature dishes using Kobe Beef at the La Fontine restaurant.
    You will be fascinated by the natural beauty of our garden, which provides guests with glimpses of the distinct beauty for each of the four seasons.
    Kosenkaku prides itself on being top class in all areas, including everything from its landscape, facilities, hot springs, cuisine, an indoor pool available to all guests, and aroma therapy treatment services. By constantly placing ourselves in the customer’s position, we strive to deliver precious vacation experiences that will be etched into our guests’ memories forever.