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About our pick up service

If you can call us when you arrive at the bus station, Arima Onsen train station, or Arima Station, we can come to pick you up.

Contact Information

TEL:0120-300-000 TEL:0120-300-000

TEL:078-904-0733 TEL:078-904-0733

Operating Hours

Please contact us before 10 PM JST.



Guests coming by car
Guests coming by train
Guests coming by airplane
  • ◇Parking lot has 70 spaces. A reservation is unneccessary, please park in any of the available empty spaces.
  • ◇For guests staying overnight: You can use the parking lot before checking in. After you have parked your car, we can provide you with rides to/from the city, the ropeway etc., for free. If needed, please inform the front desk.
  • ◇The grounds of the Kosenkaku inn occupies a large space in Arima and we have sufficient parking space for all of our guests.

Guests coming by bus

  • Hankyu Bus
  • ■From Takarazuka:
    Roughly 45 minutes
  • ■From Ashiya:
    Roughly 40 minutes
  • ■From Sannomiya:
    Roughly 45 minutes
  • ■From Umeda:
    Roughly 50 minutes
  • ■From Kyoto:
    Roughly 75 minutes
  • Shinki Bus
  • ■From Sannomiya:
    Roughly 45 minutes
  • ■From Sanda:
    Roughly 30 minutes
  • JR Highspeed Bus
    s (Arima Express)
  • ■From Osaka: Roughly 60 minutes
  • ■From Shin-Kobe: Roughly 45 minutes
  • ■From Kyoto: Roughly 70 minutes
  • ■From Sannomiya: Roughly 35 minutes
  • Sakurayamanami Bus
  • ■From Nishinomiya: Roughly 50 minutes
  • ■From Syukugawa: Roughly 40 minutes

For details on access via mass transit, please click on the link below.